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About Us
The Jonathan David Kelly Story:

Jonathan was 11 years old when he lost his life, falling victim to what many teens now call a game, which is no game at all, The Hanging Game!  While visiting with several older teens at their home, Jonathan witnessed them engaging in this dangerous and horrible activity, conveying to him that they were having enormous amount of fun. Jonathan then went to his own home and attempted to copycat the teens alone. Being very naive and innocent, not aware of the hidden dangers and the possible consequences of his actions,this game ended up costing him his life. He tried to imitate what he thought was nothing but just having some fun.

After the untimely death of Jonathan David Kelly, the organization “Cross Road for Teens ” was birthed. The Organization provides statistical information, and also directs teens to professional counseling due to the results of Teen Drinking,Teen Drug  use, Teen Pregnancy, STD's, Physical and Sexual Abuse, Cutting, Suicide, Gang Relations, and The Hanging Game.

Cross Road for Teens promotes Events for Teens as a drawing point to educate them with the statistics of deaths and other effects caused by the indulgence of addictive  behaviors and activities. Also, the consequences  that can result from their long term exposure. These teens are encouraged as to how important their decisions and choices are when they are faced with the daily challenges that entices them to the experimentation of such harmful lifestyles due to the peer  pressure, which they are confronted with on a regular basis.

Our goal is to build an ongoing relationship with the teens to  become someone they can confide in, and allow our support team to offer the means to challenge and help them to understand and deal with the root of their problems. We have trained professionals on staff that work with teens on a regular basis with all these destructive related issues and they also speak at our events to challenge the teens to make the right decisions and choices.